You can leave your event open, so that anyone can search for and join it or you can restrict access to it. Currently, we provide the following options that help you protect your event's content and privacy:

1. Attendee List - allows you to upload a list of attendees and restrict access to the content and the ability to join the event only to those individuals. 

Optionally, you can hide your event in search results, so that only users from the list you pre-uploaded would be able to find it. Note: With this feature enabled, attendees must be logged into their profile to find your event.

As the web version of your app doesn't have any social functionality, including profiles, you need to set up a password to restrict access to it. Your web app is a browser-friendly version of your app for users without an iOS or Android device.

2. Event Code - allows you to set up an event code (password) for your event. When joining the event, users will have to enter a valid event code.

With this option, you can also hide your event in search results. Users will have to enter a valid event code when searching for your event and won't be able to find it without the code.

Optionally, you can set up a different password for your web app, but this is not recommended.

You can update those setting at any time, even when your event is already published.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify webpage.

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