The Attendify app is a container with a lot of different events published by different event organizers. So, the profiles you pre-create in the Attendify app container for your users aren't created for the entire app, the info you upload applies only to your event.  

To see this information in profile settings the users need to join your event first. Only once they join your event  will they see the suggestions to update their profile info with the data you pre-populated for them.

Here is the sign up flow in the Attendify app:

  1. Install the Attendify app
  2. Enter the email addres you pre-loaded for the user and the password of their choice on sign up screen to create a profile in the app. The info you pre-uploaded won't be shown at this step

3. Search for the event

4. Click the join button to join it. If the access to the event is restricted with event code the users will be required to enter the event code as well. You can see detailed info about access settings here.

5.  Once you're in, the app will automatically open profile settings to show the information pre-populated for the profile. Each user will be able to accept or reject the suggestions to update the profile info.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify webpage.

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