What happens when my app expires?

As soon as your app expires, it is removed from the app stores and we no longer provide updates for it. Everyone who still has the app installed will be able to continue using it and have access to the content. In case you want to renew the application continue to the info below:

One-Event App. There are two ways to proceed with your one-event app renewal: you can either reuse the same app or build a new one. No matter which option you choose you’ll pay the same price.

If you decide to reuse the old app, you will be able to update the content, App Store & Google Play details, and billing info. However, there are a few things to consider before you make the decision to reuse your existing app:

  • Your app’s analytics are unable to be reset, which can cause difficulties calculating your app’s adoption rate; the analytics panel (including the Leaderboard) will show the total numbers for two years of app activity.
  • Last year’s social profiles will be displayed in the People section of the app, which might be confusing for new attendees. You can delete the profiles, but if someone is attending this year’s event they won’t be able to create a new profile using the same email address, nor restore the old profile.
  • The Activity Stream posts from last year are not able to be removed in bulk. You can keep the photos and messages or delete them manually in the app management section. Doing this can take a lot of time and effort.
  • There’s no way to prevent last year’s attendees from receiving push notifications. If there are users from last year not attending this year and they still have the app on their device, they will receive those messages.

For the best user experience it’s better to build a new app and start the social activity from scratch. We’d be happy to assist with transferring content from your previous app to your new one if needed.

To help your returning attendees download the new app you can announce the release using a push notification sent from the old app - here’s how:

  • Add a WebView feature to share the link to your new app’s landing page
  • Create a sponsored post with the direct links to the app stores to promote the new app on the Activity Stream
  • Send a push notification to share the new app’s name (Note: Anyone with the old app still on their phone will get these notifications.)

If you’re concerned about your attendees having to create profiles again this year, you can download the list of profiles from the old app, delete the users who are not attending this year’s event, and pre-create the social profiles for the returning attendees in the new app.

Multi-Event App. Multi-event app subscription renews automatically. You can update the billing details easily from the Account's Settings page->Payments.

You will get another free event with the multi-event app renewal, and will be able to update the App Store details.

Should you want to cancel your Attendify account, please get in touch with our Support Team at support@attendify.com and we can assist with that process.

Events. Events under multi-event apps are designed for one event only. Reusing an already-existing event requires an additional payment of $499. For optimal attendee experience, as well as the most up-to-date analytics, we recommend building new events rather than reusing the old ones.

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