Below you'll find the recommendations for the size and format of the images that you upload to your app. You can also see a document for a more visual representation.
All uploaded images should be of the same size as mentioned or larger with the exact same aspect ratio. App Icon and Splash Screens should be of the exact size as mentioned.

  1. Attendify App Images
  • Event Card
    Branding: 1200x640px, JPG or PNG
    Icon: 256x256px JPG or PNG

     2. App Store (Multi-event or Single Event Apps)

  • App Icon: 1024x1024 px, JPG or PNG
  • Splash Screens (3 total, all the same image):
    iPhone X: 1125x2436 px, JPG or PNG
    iPhone 6: 750x1334 px, JPG or PNG
    iPhone 4S/Android: 640x960 px, JPG or PNG

 All Other Images

      3. Features:

  • Banner - 750x280 px, JPG or PNG.

      4. Content:

  • Speakers - 120x120 px, JPG or PNG.
  • Sponsors - 180x120 px, JPG or PNG;
  • Exhibitors - 180x120 px, JPG or PNG;
  • Interactive Exhibit Map - 800x800 px, JPG or PNG.

       5. Sponsored Posts:

  • Type: Banner - 580x256 px, JPG or PNG;
  • Type: App download - 580x256 px, JPG or PNG;
  • Type: Gallery - 476x476 px, JPG or PNG;
  • Type: Document - 580x256 px, JPG or PNG;
  • Type: eCommerce - 580x256 px, JPG or PNG
  • Type: Promoted Session - 580x256 px, JPG or PNG. 


  • Type: Event Cover - 1200x640px, JPG or PNG
  • Type: Event Logo - 256x256px, JPG or PNG

If you have any questions on this feel free to reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify webpage. 

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