Full App Name (up to 30 Characters):

The full name of your application will appear in the App Store and will be the primary way attendees find your app when searching by keyword. In the vast majority of cases the app name will match your event name. For example, if your event is called "Affiliate Summit West 2015" you'll want to make that the full app name.

Icon Label (up to 12 characters):

The Icon Label is the short text label that appears under the icon on your phone or tablet. The icon is small so there's not a lot of room under it to include a label. You'll want to keep it short and simple, using the example above if your full event name is "Affiliate Summit West 2015" you might want to choose "ASW '15" as your Icon label.

If you have questions or need additional support please don't hesitate to email us: support@attendify.com.

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