One-Event App is the best option if you're planning to have only one event a year. It's possible to re-use the app next year by renewing your subscription. It's also more economical to go with a One-Event app if you're organizing up to three events a year. In any case, you will be able to update app content for free, and the changes will be displayed instantly in your app.

Multi-Event App can be used if numerous events are organized by the same company throughout the year. This option will be more cost-efficient if you have more than three events per year. The advantages of a Multi-Event App include the following:

1) Once your app is published, you can instantly add new events to your app without waiting for publication on the App Stores.

2) You can set a unique event code for each event to restrict access or choose to "Hide" an event altogether if it's meant for a private group of attendees. In such case, the event can be viewed after entering an access code.

3) There will be a separate Activity Stream and a list of attendees for each event. Attendees can access past events to download documents & review old materials, as well as view upcoming events - all of them in one app!

4) Promoting different apps can be difficult to manage. You can have all of your events in a One-Event app, so users won't have to download a new app each time.

5) Attendees will need to create their profile only once and they'll be able to join events instantly. However, they will need to create a profile and be signed in to be able to access an event within the multi-event app.

6) You can host past events in your Multi-Event App, so users can access them for reference at a later date.

7) Attendees are required to log into the app to "Join" each event, so you'll be able to track their individual journey & activity.

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