Due to the change in Apple's review guidelines in early 2018, your organization will need their own Apple Developer account to publish a branded event app to the App Store. You will still build and manage your event app through Attendify's Hub and Attendify will handle submitting the event app under your account.  The purpose of this article is to guide you through the sign-up process which consists of three key steps:

  1. Enroll in the Apple Developer Program.
  2. Grant Attendify access to your Apple Developer Account.
  3. Send an email to Attendify's support team.

Step 1: Enroll in the Apple Developer Program as an Organization

  • First,  you need an Apple ID, you can go here to create that. An Apple ID is required to use Apple Services, you won't be able to proceed without one.
  • Please keep in mind the Apple Developer account is $99/year. Some Nonprofit organizations qualify to have this fee waived by Apple. See if your Nonprofit is eligible here.  
  • Next, you need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program.  You will need to sign up as an organization with an Apple ID as well as a D-U-N-S number - you can learn how to get one here.  It can take up to two weeks to receive your D-U-N-S number. By joining the Apple Developer program you will enter into contracts with Apple, so you must have the ability to enter legal agreements on behalf of your organization. 
  • To start enrollment for the Apple Developer Program visit this page and login to the developer section with your Apple ID.  
  • After logging in you will be prompted to accept to the Apple Developer Agreement. From there check the box and proceed to the next page.
  • Next, you will select "Join the Apple Developer Program"
  • From there select the "enroll" button in the top right corner 
  • On the next page select the "start your enrollment" option at the bottom of the page.
  • On the following page fill out your organization's information, agree to the legal agreements and then select the purchase button. After that you will have a fully functioning Developer account with Apple. 

Step 2: Grant Attendify Access to Your Apple Developer Account:

Two invitations are required to grant Attendify the access we need to publish an app on your behalf. 

Invitation #1: Apple Developer Console: 

  • From the Apple Developer console navigate to: People > Invitations. 
  • Send the Attendify Team an invitation with Admin rights
  • The invitation should be addressed to First name: Attendify; Last Name: Team; Email: developers@kitapps.com. Please note that you can revoke Attendify's access to your developer account at any time.

Invitation #2: iTunes Connect Instructions:

  • Navigate to https://itunesconnect.apple.com and log in with your Apple ID credentials.
  • Once logged in, click on 'Users and Roles'.
  • Click on the '+' sign to add a new user.
  • Next, you will send the second invitation to the Attendify Team. Enter the user information for this new account: First name: Attendify; Last Name: Team; and use the email address provided by your account manager, then click "Next". *The email address you should enter here came from your account manager in an email. The email address will begin with "Apps" followed by a number, please check your email communication with your account manager. Email your account manager and/or support@attendify.com if you do not have this "Apps" email address.
  • Assign permissions to this new user. Select the Admin role by checking the box next to it. This permission will allow Attendify to publish the app on your behalf. The Attendify Team will not be able to publish the app for you without the Admin role assigned. Click "Next".
  • In the next section, you are asked to edit the notification settings for this account. You can leave it on the default values the click save.
  • You will then be taken back to the Users and Roles overview. The email invitation has been sent to the Attendify Team email address you entered earlier. The invitation will be accepted by the Attendify Team.

Step 3: Email Attendify's Support Team

The last step is to email Attendify's Support Team (support@attendify.com), if you know your account manager's name, please feel free to copy them. 

Include the following details in your email: 

  • Your App ID (found on the Attendify dashboard).
  • The name you chose for your Apple Developer Account. To locate the name, log into your Apple's Developer account and select Overview. The name of your account is in the center of the page, above Apple Developer Program.
  • Let us know what you want to be displayed as the 'publisher’s name' in the App Store. A publisher’s name is a unique name that is displayed underneath the app name in the App Store. Please note the publisher’s name cannot be changed in the future. We also recommend that you don't include a date being that it can't be changed at a later date.
  • Confirmation that you invited Attendify to the Apple Developer Console (with admin rights to developers@kitapps.com) and iTunes Connect (with admin rights to the "Apps" email provided by your account manager). 

Feel free to use this template when emailing us:


I am writing to confirm the following details for our app transfer. 

  1. App ID: (enter App ID)
  2. Developer Name: (enter Developer name)
  3. Publisher’s Name: (enter Publisher's name)
  4. I have sent Invitation #1 to the Apple Developer Console to: (enter email address) 
  5. I have sent Invitation #2 to iTunes Connect to: (enter email address) 

That's it, we'll take it from there. A member of our team will be in touch to let you know as soon as your app is submitted. 

*If your App is being transferred from Attendify's developer account to your Organization's Developer Account: 

Accepting the transfer request is the last step. The Team Agent must accept the transfer request located in iTunes Connect. Once you accept the terms of the agreement, a pop-up may appear with the transfer details and a form containing fields that need to be populated with information - here's what to provide:

Company Name: You can copy and paste what is in the recipient field at the top or add your official company name. This will be displayed as the developer name in the App Store.
Support URL: http://attendify.com/contact
Privacy Policy URL: https://attendify.com/privacy_policy/
App Review Contact Information and App Store Contact Information:
Use your contact details or someone from your company if you are receiving internal tech support.

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