In order for the app to be approved by App Store and Google Play, you should include at least 4 features (for example, "About", "Speakers", "Schedule", "Sponsors") with at least 3-4 items in each feature (at least 3 speakers, 3-4 scheduled sessions for each day of the schedule, etc). Please, make sure not to leave any features empty or include generic names of features/content ("Test", "Speaker 1", "Sample session" etc).

You can choose the features for your app in Step 1 of the building process:

In Step 2 (Content) you can fill in the information that you have for those features, such as your speaker profiles, scheduled sessions, etc.

Step 3 (Settings) includes items such as App Name & Description, Icon & Icon Label that will appear on the App Markets and optional Splash screens, Attendee List options and WebApp password protection. Please, note that in order to change the Icon, Icon label, Description or Splash screen we would have to resubmit your app to App Stores which involves a $199 payment and can take up to 2-3 weeks as the app would need to pass another review on App Markets.

Attendee list and password protection can be updated instantly anytime.

Once you've reviewed your information, you can submit your app on Step 5:

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