The News feature allows you to track multiple RSS feeds (a type of web feed which allows users to access updates to online content in a standardized, computer-readable format) within your app. Any news feeds you add will be displayed in a separate section of the app.
Here is a sample of the RSS feed:

Adding RSS feeds is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Add Feed" button.
  2. Add a title for your news feed, e.g. "Company News"
  3. Enter the link to your RSS feed.
  4. Click Add to save.
  5. You can add multiple feeds to this section, so repeat steps 1-5 if needed.

Here is how the RSS feed will look in the app:

That’s it, you’re all set. Please note that you can update content instantly, anytime, even after your app is published to the Apple App Store™ and Google Play™.

If you don't have an RSS feed, there are other options to manage News in the app. You can find more info here.

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