Attendify Studio is a testing environment that allows you to preview & test out your app instantly as you're building it. You can create social profiles, post on the Activity Stream, view your app's content and explore many features.

The social content in Attendify Studio will not be transferred to a live app once it's published - so you can have fun testing out your app!

Once your app is published, a few additional features will become available, such as quick polls, sponsored posts, social management, push notifications, and analytics.

Please note: if your app is Unpublished or access to it is restricted you will not be able to preview it in the Attendify Studio.

To preview your app, simply download Attendify Studio (available on App Store and Google Play), log in with the credentials you created your Attendify account with or simply enter your App ID to load a specific app:

You can find your App ID under the application's name on the initial page of Attendify hub:

You can also share the app with your colleagues by giving them the App ID.

If you need help with anything else please feel free to reach out to us at or via our live chat on

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