To expedite the app-building process, you can utilize the Import/Export functionality that helps you upload content in bulk for the following features:

 1) About 2) Schedule 3) Speakers 4) Sponsors 5) Exhibitors

  1. To get started, enter one of the features, click the  import button, and download the template*:
  • The downloaded XLSX file contains three sheets/pages: 1) Instructions - import/export instructions 2) Content - the section for making content entries (has the name of the feature you create content for) 3) System - a system sheet important for the correct import process. 

2. Open up the spreadsheet and fill it with necessary information. Make sure not to delete/rename/reposition any of the default fields in the template especially the UID field.

3. Go back to the management dashboard and upload the spreadsheet back up from your computer.

That’s it, you’re all set!

Please note that you can update the app content instantly, anytime, even after your app is published! There is no limit to the number of content uploads, and it's totally free. If you'd like to update content for the same feature later, make sure to always start with exporting the latest version of XLSX spreadsheet as each new upload overwrites the data from the previous one.

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