For a Multi-event app the steps are a little different to create a personalized schedule than a single event app, here is how it works:

Step 1: Start by adding at least one user to the multi-event app from the people tab. From there you will be able to export the attendee grid.

Step 2: After creating the profile(s), go to the Events step and select 'Manage' for the desired event app that you wish to create a personalized schedule for. 

Step 3: Select the Content step and go to the Schedule feature. Select the Import button to export the attendee grid. When you have exported the attendee grid you will see that the grid is blank and that no emails will be pre-populated on the Y axis.

Step 4: Simply add all of the emails for the event in the email column and then mark off the grid with an “x” in the session columns that you would like each attendee to be able to see for the event.


Step 5: Then lastly upload the grid and as your users join the event it will match up the schedules to their emails to give them their personalized schedule. The email addresses entered in the grid must match the email addresses used by attendees. 

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