Your event app will be fully branded featuring your own app icon, corporate branding, and custom graphics. We also have additional levels of white-label solutions:

1. Remove the Attendify branding from the app

You can remove "Powered by Attendify" button at the bottom of the menu. The name Attendify will still show up as the developer’s name in App Store and Google Play.

2. “Developer” option (“Private Label”)

If your company has developer accounts on the App Store & Google Play, we can publish the app under your accounts. We do this using your Apple Developer Account, iTunes Connect, and Google Play Developer Console. On the app markets, the name of your company will be shown as the developer instead of KitApps Inc. This service includes removing of "Powered by Attendify” button from the app.

3. “Private Distribution” option

If you don't want your app to be published to the App Store and Google Play, it’s possible to distribute it internally. You can read more about this option here.

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