Please note that after 9/30/2017 the guide app will no longer be offered as an option.

With Social App you get all the features and abilities of the Guide App as well as the following functionalities:

  • Profiles - everyone attending can create a profile that makes it easy for attendees to connect with each other. Creating a profile is a key to unlocking access to other social functionalities. Set up a profile in the event app to get started. 
  • Social Activity Stream- the pulse of everything happening at your event, including posts, photos, comments, session alerts and much more  
  • Photos - attendees can take photos directly from the app and post them to the Activity Stream
  • Activity Stream - attendees can write messages and post them directly to the in-app activity stream.
  • Comments & Likes - users can comment and "like" posts
  • Private messaging - attendees can send private messages to each other
  • Quick Polls - can be posted to the Activity Stream or within a session
  • Ratings & Feedback - for speakers and sessions
  • Tagging - users can tag other attendees and take notes within the app to keep track of their interactions
  • Social Ads - monetize your app and drive leads for sponsors
  • Social Wall - allows projecting your social content on any screen in real time to increase engagement
  • Gamification Options - create actionable goals on your social platform and create opportunities to maximize social interaction
  • Personalized Schedule - pre-load personalized schedules for your attendees
  • Feature Visibility - make app features only visible to specific people based on attendee groups.
  • Access Management - control your app's content privacy. 
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