Lead Retrieval by Attendify app offers you two payment models to choose from:

1. Flat fee. The model implies paying a single fixed fee for the minimum of 5 licenses with a price of $199 per one at the app launching stage. Then you can distribute purchased licenses to the exhibitors on your own terms; whether it's giving out free licenses or re-selling at your own price.

2. Revenue Share. This is a profit distribution model that allows you to set up your own price per license - in the range between $199 and $1999 - and offer the app to all interested exhibitors. Later, the total revenue is split 50%/50% between you and Attendify.

Choose the right payment model following these steps:

1. Proceed to the Leads tab and click the button "Launch Lead Retrieval".

2. Pick the event you want to launch the Lead Retrieval app for and click "Next".

3. Choose the right payment method and launch the app.

Note: You can pick the pricing model only once, and, after the Leads app is launched, you won't be able to change it.

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