Withdrawing funds from your account is possible through PayPal. In order to proceed with the withdrawal you should follow these steps:

1. Log into the Leads App management dashboard and go to the tab "Settings"

2. Enter the section "Account Summary" and click the button "+ New Withdrawal"

3. In the popover window fill out your company legal information and enter your PayPal account email address.

4. Click the button "Withdraw".

You can always check the status of your withdrawal in management dashboard in the section "Account Summary". There are three possible statuses:

1) Pending - Withdrawal is still being processed.

2) Rejected -  If for some reason, your withdrawal was rejected. Contact our support for more details at support@attendify.com.

3) Date - Means that we have sent money to PayPal for final processing.

NOTE: You cannot withdraw funds partially but only the entire balance at once.

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