Once you have purchased the Lead Retrieval by Attendify, inviting booth staff is an easy and simple process:

1. Open Leads dashboard > Booth Staff > + Add Staff Member

2. Fill in the email address and name of the invitee > Click Invite

To resend or delete the invitation just click a "3-dots" icon next to the profile.

There is no limit to how many Staff members you can invite.

After the invitation is sent, the staff member will receive an invitation email with instructions on how to proceed.

After the invitations are accepted, you can assign the Roles to each Staff member:

Owner - is the person who originally purchased the Leads app. Owner's profile can't be deleted and the rights can't be transferred to any other user.

Admin - has the rights to invite other staff members, assign Roles, see and manage all the leads scanned by all Staff members.

Member - can see only the leads scanned by them.

To add Admin rights/demote to Member click on "3-dots" icon next to the profile:

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