While some events are designed to be open and want as many people to download and access their apps as possible, others may need privacy.

Currently, we provide the following options that help you protect One-Event and Multi-Event apps. This support center article summarizes these new features and provides brief how-tos.

Available Settings & Capabilities: 

  • Attendee List - Attendify allows event planners to upload a list of attendees and restrict access to content and the ability to register in the app only to those individuals. When accessing the app users will need to enter a valid email address that's included in the list uploaded by the event planner. For an extra layer of security, you will have the option to set up email verification - attendees will have to click on the verification link to confirm their identity. Enabling attendee list automatically locks access to the application's content for all unregistered users.
  • Access Keys (Multi-Event Only) - because multi-event apps are designed for use across many events, including in corporate settings where groups of attendees may be invited to attend a variety of events throughout the year, we added a feature called "Access Keys." The best way to think about Access Keys is like groups of users who need to have access to one or more events. Keys can be granted to anyone who has created a profile or been imported into the app and can be revoked anytime. For example, you may want to grant access to a series of company-wide sales meetings to every member of your sales team, an access key makes that process very easy to manage.
  • Event Code (Attendify App Only) - allows you to set up an event code (password) for your event. When joining the event, users will have to enter a valid event code.
  • Feature Visibility - control which features should be visible to which people based on attendee groups¬†

To learn more about Attendify's access management settings and how to configure/manage those settings please read our One Event and Multi-Event articles:

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