Attendify allows you to pre-create attendee profiles before people log into the app, and here are the main benefits:

  • It saves time for your attendees and makes login a breeze (no need to fill out data manually)
  • You can show a list of expected attendees before they download the app
  • You're able to restrict access to the app based on the e-mails you upload
  • With feature visibility, you can personalize the app ahead of time for attendees

Pre-Created Profiles is an effective way to add a large number of people right to your app via a CSV file:

1. Once your app is submitted, click "Add People", choose "Bulk Import" and download a template with personal info (email, name, position etc.)
2. Fill out the fields you'd like to pre-populate (only the e-mail is required), save it and import it back. The attendees whose profiles you pre-loaded just claim them later on the sign-up step by simply entering the email that’s been added

3. Attendees can "claim" their profile when the log into the app with their e-mail (they will set up their own password). Each user can edit the information in their profile, even if it was pre-populated for them.

That’s it! For further instructions on uploading attendee list, feel free to check our dedicated articles for Multi- and One-Event apps.

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