If you'd like to control access to a specific event you can do so easily by enabling an "access key" for that event. If you haven't done so while creating your event you can update those settings at anytime by clicking into manage the event, then settings, and finally the access settings option in the menu on the left-hand side.

After enabling those settings you can create and manage access keys and link them with specific events, here's how:

Creating an Access Key:

To create an access key click on the settings button on the People section of your management dashboard and select "Access Keys." You can create muliple access keys and choose the events that they unlock. For example you may want to grant access to a series of company-wide sales meetings to every member of your sales team. In that case you would create an access key with the title "Sales Team" and then select all of the sales meetings that this key should unlock. In the next step you'll select the attendees that should be assigned to that group.

Assigning Access Keys to Specific People:

After creating the access key as shown in the previous screenshot you can assign that key to individual attendees. Just check the box next to an individual attendee and then click on the access keys button. You can assign one or more access keys at the same time. Continuing the example or sales staff attending a series of company wide meetings, you would simply select everyone on the sales team and assign the "Sales Team" key to them.

Removing Access Keys:

You can remove/revoke an access key simply by clicking on the user profile and then the X next to that user's profile. Once an access key is revoked all the events that this user joined with this key will automatically be logged out.

If you have any questions about access keys or managing people in your multi-event app please don't hesitate to contact out support at support@attendify.com

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