(Note: As a result of new policy by Apple AppStore, from Jan 21st, 2017, the event code feature is no longer available for use.)

The settings you configured when creating your app can be updated anytime. To make changes head to the Settings area in the management section of your app and updated the event code or attendee list configurations. Just a quick reminder, here's what the settings mean:

  1. Attendee List -You can limit the ability to register in the iPhone & Android apps and access their content to a specific list of attendees. After submitting your app you will be able to manage your attendee list via file upload, integration with Eventbrite, Cvent, RegOnlone, and Google Forms. You can change the list anytime. For an extra layer of security, you will have an option to set up email verification - attendees will have to click on the verification link sent to their email address to confirm their identity. Enabling attendee list automatically locks access to the application's content for all unregistered users. For further instructions on uploading the attendee list, follow this link.
  2. Web App Password Protection - you can optionally lock access to your WebApp by setting up password protection. Note that you'll need to share the password with attendees in an external communication.
  3. Support Email - when an attendee whose email hasn't been added to a list of profiles is trying to access the app he gets a prompt with an email of a person he can contact to help him gain access to the app. By default, this is the email associated with your Attendify account, but it can be changed at any time in the settings.

4. Event Code - If you launched your app before the feature was discontinued (Jan the 21st, 2017) and enabled Event Code, you can keep using the code up until the next renewal date/there is another necessary update for your app and it needs republishing. Please note, disabling the feature in your dashboard at any point will permanently remove it with no option to get it back.

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