To get started with uploading your attendee list proceed to the "People" section in your app management dashboard on container level and then click the "Add Profiles" button. You have several options for adding people:

  • Manual Entry - add attendees one by one, the only required field is the email (which is used to authenticate users). You can also fill out additional profile information like name, company, position, contact information, etc.
  • Bulk Import - you can bulk import your attendee list from a CSV file, we provide a template for you to fill out. You can export a CSV with your attendee list from virtually any registration platform including Cvent, eTouches, RegOnline and others and upload the data via our template.
  • Integration - we have four integrations ready with the launch of this new feature, Eventbrite, CVent, RegOnline, and Google Forms. If you're using either of those solutions to manage registration you can automatically pull in your attendee list.

To get started adding your attendees just click the "Add Profiles" button in the people management section for your app:

And select the option you want to use for upload:

Note: Enabling attendee list automatically locks down application's content for all unregistered users.

Uploading Profile Photos in Bulk. 

In some cases, you may want to upload your attendee's profiles pictures in addition to their profiles.  This can be easily accomplished with the bulk import feature.  Here is how to do that:

Step 1.  Select the "+profile" button and then select bulk import on the pop-up screen. If you are just starting on uploading profiles to the app make sure that you refer to the sample CSV so you can see how the document should be properly formatted. 

Step 2.
If you are using our template you will see a column titled photo. This is where you will place the link for the photo.

Step 3.
Back on the profile screen drag and drop or select the file in CSV format to upload to the app. Then select add profiles to upload the profile.

Once that is done the photos will show in the profile space on their profiles.

Note: The image link does need to be one that allows it to be publicly shared without restriction.

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