Sometimes happens that you need to remove some inappropriate or simply unwanted content posted by a user from the app. While it's not possible to approve what's being posted to the activity stream, you can delete any post comment after it's been made.

For this just go to the "Social" > "Activity Stream" section in your management dashboard. Click on the 3-dots icon next to the post you'd like to delete and select "Delete this Message".

You can also delete a profile to remove a user from the list of profiles. Deleting user's profile will automatically hide all of their posts.

If you'd like to delete the profile, go to the "Social" > "Profiles" section of your management dashboard. Click on the 3-dots icon next to the profile you'd like to delete and click "Delete".

Please note, that any content associated with this profile will be permanently deleted, this attendee will not be able to register again with this email address. This action is permanent, it cannot be undone, and the profile cannot be reinstated.

Pre-created profiles unclaimed by the users yet

An unclaimed profile cannot be completely deleted, though it can be revoked. 

This works almost the same way as deleting a profile, but it can be reinstated later on if needed. Just filter revoked profiles out and click on the 3-dots icon next to the profile.

In the Multi-event app the profiles can be permanently deleted on the Container level of the app in the People section. And you can also remove a profile from a specific event, by going to the event level, then "Social" -> "Attendees" and as always clicking on the ellipsis button next to the profile: 

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