By using our Quick Poll feature, you'll be able to receive attendees' feedback on your event, sessions, speakers, and more. This feature becomes available as soon as your app is submitted and can be accessed from under the Social tab inside your management dashboard.

One poll can have 1 question and up to 25 answer options. You can post your Polls either on the Activity Stream or within a specific Session, and schedule them to appear at a certain time during your event. Please note, the user can vote only once on the same poll. To receive a feedback for all the sessions in the Schedule you would need to create a new Quick Poll for each session.
You can also select if you want to show polls results to attendees after they leave a vote:

You're also able to view voting statistics on each poll:

And by clicking Display Results (see the screenshot above), you'll get a URL to a page with polling results. You can use it to project the results on a big screen during your event. All results update in a real time as attendees vote:

If you have the restricted access enabled for your app you'll be prompted to enter the Access Code when clicking Display Results. This is the password your Web App is protected with:

Check this short video tutorial to see how polls are managed and created:

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