Managing your Attendify account with multiple users has now become easy with the new feature "Collaborators''. Setting up a multi-user account is a great way to optimize your workflow and expedite app building process by —Āolloborating on the app with additional team members. ¬†You can add up to 20 different collaborators for each app or event in the Attendify app.

To invite additional users follow these steps:

1. Log into your app management dashboard, click the ellipsis icon, and click "Collaborate".

2. Click the button "+ Invite Collaborator"

3. Enter an email address of the person you want to invite and check the box "Include a personal message" if you want to add a custom message to the invitation. Click "Invite" in the lower right corner.

4. The email will be sent to the specified email address, and, once the invitation is accepted, the status in the dashboard will change to "Member"

5. Later, if you want to delete a member, go back to the same place click the overflow menu icon and select "Remove."

Access levels

Collaborators feature offers two access levels:

1. Owner - an actual owner of the app whose email address is associated with the account. App owner has unlimited rights in the management dashboard and can grant access to additional users.*

2. Member - a person invited to collaborate on the app. The rights of members are mainly unlimited; they can freely add, edit, and delete content in the app. However, there are some limitations. Particularly members aren't allowed to:

  • submit the app and update app store settings;
  • purchase the Social Wall;
  • delete or add applications/events within the account;
  • create/access a website for an app or event;
  • launch/access/manage a Lead Retrieval app for an app or event;
  • launch/access/manage a Registration page for an app or event;
  • invite new team members.

Management capabilities of the app owner are limited to permitting or revoking access to the app. Collaborators feature does not allow rights modification (e.g. restricting access to particular parts of the dashboard, giving additional privileges/roles to invited members).

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