Push Notifications allow you to stay in touch with attendees and keep them informed even in cases when they aren’t actively using your event app. Attendify provides you various options to deliver important information to event participants:

- Send notifications to all attendees at once;

- Pick specific people or a group of people to send a notification to;

- Push notify attendees immediately, at a scheduled time, or save drafts to be sent later;

To get started:

1. Log into the app management dashboard, enter the tab "Notifications" and click the button "+ Notification";

2. In the popover window configure the notification:

a) inside Message field, type in the message you want to send - the character limit for a push notification is 145 symbols including spaces;

b) specify the receiver(s) in the section "Attendees";

c) define if you want your message to be delivered immediately, at a particular time, or save it as a draft to be able to edit and send later;

d) don't forget to click the button "Send, "Schedule", or "Save Draft" depending on the sending option you picked.

You are all set! If you want to get back to view all Sent/Drafted/Scheduled push notifications, you can always do it through the same menu.

Watch our short video tutorial showing how Push Notifications are created and configured:

There are also several things to keep in mind when working with push notifications:

1. Whenever you schedule a notification to be sent at a specific time, make sure to specify the same time zone you set up for your schedule.

2. There is a slight difference between Multi- and Single-Event apps when it comes to sending a notification to a particular subset of participants. To achieve this goal, in One-Event apps, you can create groups and then differentiate app users internally by adding them to those groups. Later, you are able to send polls and push notifications to a selected group. Unlike in One-Event app, groups are called "Tags" in Multi-Event ones and can only be created at the event level. So if you are a Multi-Event app user, you should enter management dashboard of a particular event inside an event container and send push notifications to the existing tags from there as this option isn't available at the container level.

For more details on creating groups and tags, you can check our article here

This is all you should know about Push Notifications. If any more questions arise, feel free to contact us at support@attendify.com

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