You can remove your app from the App Stores in just a few days by following these simple steps.

1. From the app dashboard select the 3-dot icon.
2. Click on the Unpublish button and confirm your choice.
3. That is it, your app will be removed from app marketplaces in just a few days.

What happens with the app after it is unpublished?

After an app is unpublished, you will still have access to its content and analytics from your dashboard. As for the end users who still have the app installed, they will not be able to log into their accounts, access private messages or notifications, post to the activity stream or use any other social functionality. They will only be able to see all guide content cached by the app. The amount of cached content can be different on each specific device.

If you are having trouble accomplishing this or have any questions feel free to reach out to us over chat or by emailing us at

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