With our event app technology, you can create an environment where attendees are engaged, motivated, and inspired to take action. Here are a few ideas to create an exciting event experience:

1. Photo Contest: ask your attendees to post photos from the event - the ones that get the most "likes" will win a prize

2. Best Caption: whoever comments on a picture with the most creative caption gets to be the winner.

3. Bingo: Post a Poll on the Activity Stream and offer an incentive for the first participant that provides the right answer.

4. Best Response: Attendees enter for a chance to win a prize by commenting on a post you’re trying to stimulate discussion around. This can be used to boost interaction between sponsors & attendees where a product/brand discussion is created and special offers are given to the most active participants.

5. Treasure Hunt: Hide an item somewhere in the venue. Then post a clue to its location on the Activity Stream. The first person to share the location of the item wins.

6. Fill in the Blank: Post an incomplete sentence on the Activity Stream & ask your guests to complete it in the comments.

7. Best Review: Incite a discussion around a session or a presentation. Ask participants to leave a review with their feedback. The most unique & interesting review will be shared with others and rewarded.

8. Leaderboard: The most active users that have made the most posts, comments, and likes will receive prizes for top networking. You can assign custom points for using social functionality:

If you need help with any aspect of gamifying your event feel free to reach out to us at support@attendify.com or over chat on any attendify.com web page.

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