The Sponsored Posts feature is a great way to promote event sponsors & exhibitors in the app. It's easy to build, manage and collect results. There are six types of sponsored posts, which you can use depending on your promotion requirements:

Banner: a fully customizable post with an image and action button:

App Download: promote a mobile app with an image and direct download links:

Document Download: share and promote any document with an image and direct download link:

eCommerce: promote a special discount code or product purchase opportunity:

Gallery: add a set of images promoting a new product with a customized action button:

Sponsored Session: promote a session that features one of your sponsor’s employees:

Moving a sponsored post to the top

Every sponsored post you create can be set up to move to the top of the activity stream up to 5 times in fixed time increments. The setting is accessible at the bottom portion of the sponsored post configuration window:

Viewing sponsored posts analytics 

You can check how many people viewed the posts (Impressions) and how many times the users clicked on the Sponsored Post for more information (Actions) in Spons. Posts section on your dashboard:

To check how many Impressions and Actions got each Sponsored Post please click on the post. You'll also be able to see the Leads who clicked on the Sponsored Post and export this information:

Check this short video tutorial to see how sponsored posts are created and managed:

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