Event planners have more than enough work on their plates, so when it comes to
promoting an event app, it`s easy to overlook a few simple strategies that can do
wonders for boosting app adoption and engagement. Let`s take a look at a few best practices:

1) Get started early:

Start promoting your app early, as soon as your event is announced. This has a few benefits - attendees can download it when they register and stay updated in the months leading up to your event. Participants can connect with other attendees in advance, receive push notifications, provide pre-event feedback, and be in-the-loop. And since all content updates are free and instant, there's nothing holding you back from getting started early. 

2) Leverage your event website:

  • Announce the app on your event website, make it visible! Write a blog post describing the main advantages of getting the app. Keep it short, simple, clear and engaging: include direct download links and a QR code to let attendees download your app without a fuzz. 
  • Use your promo materials, accessible right in your account, to prepare your event app announcement. 

3) Your email list is your best friend:

  • Announce the app in a newsletter as soon as it's published. Introduce it as a networking and guide tool and describe the benefits for attendees.
  • Send a few e-mail reminders about the app before the event, you can even use gamification to your advantage and award prizes to the first ones that engage!
  • Adjust to the tone to your audience. Keep in mind that younger audience tends to get engaged with networking features while the older one might evaluate guide features more. Emphasize the benefits that your participants will value. 

4) Post & tweet your way to high adoption:

  • Visuals: Update the Fan Page`s cover image having added an app announcement with a QR code on it. While visiting your page, followers will definitely notice that blurb.
  • Texts: Post and tweet about the app when it is available for download. Be sure to announce it on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles a few times. In case your event has a LinkedIn Group, write about the app there, too. It is an official event conference tool, thus the content is totally relevant and must be shared a number of times.
  • Video: It is always a plus to create a short promotional video that would describe the main benefits of getting the app. If you go for it, mention it via social accounts, too.

5) Success breeds more success:

Post seed content on the Activity Stream to start conversations - be the first one to make the move! Attendees` will be engaged by you and will follow your lead. You can award prizes to attendees that post the most interesting images in the app, and announce them on your Instagram/Facebook feed. We all want our 15 minutes of fame.

6) Have your speakers pitch-in:

  • Ask the keynote speaker to present the app in his/her introductory speech. Nobody wants to feel left out, so this is one of the best ways to promote the app for those who haven't seen your announcements. 
  • Engage speakers to mention the app publicly and via social accounts. They carry a lot of weight and can be a huge influence on the behavior of attendees.
  • Urge speakers to become engaged socially and post to the timeline: having noticed that, attendees will open up and also start connecting.

7) Make the most of on-site promo opportunities:

  • Include promotional materials for the app at your event venue - they should highlight the most attractive features and contain a QR code for easy download. 
  • Place them in high-traffic areas such as registration stands. Train staff to inform each visitor about the app and to be able to help to download it.

The best promotion is peer-to-peer one. Target your efforts on high-quality content people will talk about offline making others interested in getting and using the app. Ensure the moderator creates interesting polls, highlights exciting posts, and provides an example to other app users. 

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