Why use Favorites?

Your attendees can easily create a personal list of favorite items. It's possible to add sponsors, speakers, sessions, exhibitors, or even other attendees. Favorites can be quickly accessed from the app menu. Favorite items are grouped by the feature type (Speakers, Sponsors and so on).

How to use Favorites

This is how to add items to your Favorites:

1. When you select Sponsors, Speakers, People, or Exhibitors features, you can add the items to your Favorites by simply tapping


2. When adding a session to your Favorites in the Schedule feature, you'll be able to set a reminder about that particular session (10, 30, or 60 minutes in advance). You can select No Alert if you don't need a reminder at all.

3. You can remove an item from your Favorites list by tapping on

and confirming your action.

4. You can see All the favorites or choose to see a separate category. Here is how to access the Favorites list:

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