We'd like to give you a brief insight into the app for its easy and intuitive usage during the event. Below you can find the illustrated list of basic and most important features.

  1. App Profile is required if you'd like to take part in the Social aspect of the app -connect with other attendees, post photos, messages, like posts, comment, vote on polls etc. You can check here how to create a profile.
  2.  App Menu - you can check the schedule of the event, its speakers, sponsors, locations etc.

3. Activity Stream. Here you can post messages, photos, mention other attendees on the posts, like and comment posts. You can learn more about the activity stream here.

4. Private Messages. Need to send a direct message to an attendee - no problem, here's how it can be sent. You can learn more about private messaging here.

5. Notes. Taking Notes during the event is really easy, all you need to do is open Notes or any profile > Add Note. You can learn more about the notes feature here.

6. Favorites. A great option to add a sponsor, speaker, attendee, session or an exhibitor to the list of favorites. You can learn more about the Favorites feature here.

7. Reminder Alert. If you'd like to be notified when the session is about to start, you can set a reminder on it, just click on the Star button for the required session and choose when you'd like to be notified:

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