Gathering all your event data in one place, building lists and segmenting them is the foundation of any data platform. With Attendify Audiences you can filter the data gathered from your event apps, as well as your registration system, CRM, or virtually any other source, across any parameter to build custom segments and make the data truly actionable. Attendify Audiences empowers you to create segments based on demographics, social activity, sponsor engagement, event content consumption and so much more.

Creating and editing filters

To start creating a segment, go to the Audiences > Contacts section of your dashboard and click the "Filter" button: 

Here you can add custom filters. Pick any field from the contact's profile, any social activity in the app, event they attended or simply start typing the fields name.

Then choose from the list of filter operators, add custom value and hit "Apply".

It's that simple! Now you can click the "Apply" button on the filter window and get a list of all contacts who match it or continue adding filters. You can add another filter to the same filter group (1) or create a new filter group (2) by clicking "+" button. Adding a filter to an already existing group or creating a new group is important for filter logic.

To edit an already created filter simply click on it. 

To delete a filter click the "Remove" button next to the "Add to Group" one.

At the top of each filter group and at the very top above all groups you can see the Match buttons. Using them you can set up the filter logic for each group.

Saving and managing segments

Once you created and applied all the filters you need, you get the list of contacts that match the criteria, this is your segment. You can always go back to editing filters or simply reset all filters. The corresponding buttons are located at the top of the page.

To save a segment click the corresponding button, type in the segment's name and hit Save. Now you can export the segment into a CSV file > edit the segment's filters > start creating a new segment or switch to already saved one. 

To rename or delete a segment, go to the Settings > Segments section of your Audiences management dashboard and click on the ellipsis button next to the segment.

Have further questions about Attendify’s Filters and Segments feature? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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