To get started, go to the Mobile Apps > Events section of your dashboard and click the "Create Event" button:

You can create multiple evens in your account and invite other team members to collaborate

Creating an event

Event Profile 

  • Add your Event Name on the "Event Profile" step - users will search your event by this name within the Attendify App. 

- Add other Event Information and Branding. This info will appear on the Event Profile, the page users see when joining the event for the first time.


  • Drag and drop "Features" (Speakers, Schedule, Sponsors, etc.) from the Available to Selected area to create your menu (they can be renamed and adapted to include any type of content). You'll be able to modify the menu (add or delete items) instantly, even once your event is live. You can also see a complete list of features here if you need to see everything we have to offer 
  • Customize the event's appearance and choose the variations you prefer in the "Appearance" section.


  • You can upload content in bulk using our templates or add items one-by-one (lists of sponsors, speakers, etc). Don't worry about finalizing all content you'll be able to edit it at any time, even once your event is published.

Review and Publish

Double-check any missing items on the "Review" step and continue to the "Publish" step once you're ready to publish your event. Fill out your billing information and publish your event.

Have further questions about how to publish an app? Reach out to us at  or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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