Attendify Regisitration offers two types of promo codes:

  1. Discount Code -  reduces a ticket's price
  2. Unlock Code - makes a specific ticket hidden, which gets revealed on the Registration page upon entering a code:

Here's how you can create a Promo Code for your event's tickets:

  1. From the Promo Codes section, click on Add Promo Code and select the type you wish to proceed with:

2. In the pop-up window, enter the details of the Promo Code and click Add:

  • "code name" field - the name of the discount code attendees will be entering when purchasing a ticket;
  • "applies to" field - select the ticket you wish to apply the code to;
  • "discount" field - enter the amount of the discount you'd like to provide. You can enter either the dollar amount or the percentage (ex.: -$5 or -5%)
  • "Uses" field - if unlimited is chosen, this means that an unlimited number of tickets can have the discount. If limited to is selected - you'll be required to specify the number of tickets that would validate the discount.

For the Unlock code type you'll be required to come up with the code for hidden tickets:

Each ticket can have only one Promo Code applied. To pause, edit or delete a Promo Code you would click on the Actions button next to the required code:

Questions? Email us at and we'll be happy to help!

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