Attendify’s Session Registration feature is designed to integrate with Attendify event apps' attendee schedules. It’s important to note how your Schedule feature will change once the two are connected, as well as which information will be synced between your event app and Session Registration.

How the sync works

When you link your event app to the Attendify Event Registration platform with Session Registration enabled, the Schedule and Speaker features become shared between both. Therefore, if you decide to adjust some sessions using your Session Registration management page, those changes also will be reflected in your event app.

Please note that some settings are exclusive to each dashboard. For a more in-depth look at this concept, check out our Adding Content to Your Session Registration article.

How it looks in the app

The schedule feature in the app also will have more functionality when it’s connected with Session Registration.

Attendees now will see their booked/selected sessions, as well as those they've skipped. If you allow attendees to change their session registrations, they can launch the Order page. Here, sessions can be modified directly from the app by tapping on any unbooked session and then selecting the Modify Registration option on the pop-up.

When the sessions are changed and approved, attendees automatically will receive an email informing that their Session Registration has been modified. The email also will include a new, updated ticket that should be used instead of the original.

Have further questions about the integration between your Event App and Attendify Session Registration? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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