While Attendify virtual events solution is in development and we anticipate its release in June, 2020, we're happy to announce that we've added support for basic streaming in the app.
With the Video Link field you can easily integrate a YouTube, Wistia or Vimeo link that autoplays when a session is loaded and can be detached so the users can browse the app while continuing to watch a stream/video.  

You can add a video link to the event schedule in a few easy steps:

  • Click + icon within your Schedule feature to create a new sessions or Edit the existing one
  • Add the Publicly available or Unlisted YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia link into the Video Link field and save. Private links (the videos available to invited users only) are not supported.

Please note that the links can only be added manually at the moment. We'll add support for adding videos via template import with the next release. 

The video will have the native player's controls (by each provider) and render to be viewed within the session's details screen, as detached floating window, or in fullscreen mode. With the floating player attendees can watch the video and fully engage with the app content and each other.

The Web app can be used to watch the video on a bigger screen.

Please note that the Wistia links is temporarily not supported on Android. Support for this functionality will be added with the next update.

Have further questions about adding streams? Reach out to us at support@attendify.com or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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