With events going virtual, sponsors are craving for more visibility & coverage, here are some ideas to give them ROI:

1. Mention the top sponsor on the cover image of your event (this can be updated anytime, switching sponsors on a daily basis)

2. Include promotional text in the welcome note of the event

3. Pin a sponsored session in the Town Hall by making it a "day-long" activity (no worries, it will not take up more room in the agenda) - this can be a pre-recorded video on YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia. The video will be muted - attendees will be redirected to the "sponsor's session" when they click on it. This session can include more details about their products & services as well as presentations & brochures.

4. Create a dedicated menu section to promote the sponsor's products & services - apart from the other partners.

5. Get creative with sessions - you can assign live or pre-recorded sessions to top sponsors and allow them to present. The sponsor's logo can be linked in the session description. Add live polling to collect feedback & answers.

6. Create a sponsor page with the company name, logo, contacts. Include links to videos, offers, coupons, and presentations (PDF, PPT, Word). Make the top sponsors stand out by including an image that will make their profile pop.

7. Send push notifications to remind attendees about the special offers your sponsors have.

8. Offer your sponsors a more personal experience with "MeetNow" (ETA - September) so that attendees can connect with them during a live 1-on-1 video. We designed this feature to replicate an attendee meeting with a sponsor at a booth.

9. Aside from the Sponsors section, create a menu item with "Special Offers" to list promo specials from top partners. This would make it more appealing for attendees to check out the details:

We'll share more ideas as we're working on many new exciting developments, such as sponsor video & photo galleries.

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