With all events going virtual, sponsors are craving for more visibility & coverage. Here are some ideas on how to provide your sponsors with ROI when using Attendify:

1. Mention the top sponsor on the cover image of your event. This can be updated anytime (replacing this image on a daily basis).

2. Include promotional text in the welcome note of your event.

3. Create a dedicated menu section to promote the sponsor's products & services (apart from the other sponsors)

4. Leverage Sponsors feature where you can feature all your Sponsors. Show their company name, logo, contacts, links to any external resources (videos, special offer pages, etc), and downloadable presentations (PDF, PPT, Word). Make the top sponsors stand out by including an additional image into the profile description.

5. Aside from the standard Sponsors section, create another Sponsor-type menu item with "Special Offers" to list promo specials from top partners. This would make it more appealing for attendees to check the details:

6. Get creative with content in your Schedule — you can link Sponsors to Sessions and potentially invite them to present live or include pre-recorded content on their behalf. You can also add an additional sponsor's logo to the session Description and add live polling to collect feedback & answers.

7. Create a dedicated schedule for Sponsor Demos to make it easily accessible. Sponsors & attendees can use the chat (on the right side) to interact and have discussions. This is also a place where sponsors & exhibitors can post their offers directly:

Preview of these Sponsor Demos will also be displayed on the Town Hall during their "live" time (you can allocate these sessions more time on the agenda, even if the promo video is just a few minutes long):

8. Let your sponsor(s) post promotional offers on the Activity Stream (or post on their behalf). The recommended image proportion is 16x9.

9. Send push notifications to remind attendees about the special offers your sponsors have.

In addition to the existing available options, here's some insight into some of our upcoming features:

1. One of the interactive upcoming sponsor engagement tools is a feature we’re calling “Meet Now.” The idea is simple: you invite your sponsors to join the virtual experience and they can make themselves available for 1:1 video calls requested by attendees. Sponsors control when to take calls and can accept or reject individual requests. These are instant, 1:1 calls that deliver the direct engagement and leads your sponsors are looking for. Meet Now is coming in the fall of 2020.

2. Enhanced Profiles (in development)
Sponsor profiles will be dramatically improved with new capabilities including the ability for sponsors to edit them directly. Our redesigned profiles feature beautiful new cover images, photo and video galleries, and linking to the "Meet Now" feature.

3. Offers (designing)

We’ve reimagined our Sponsored Post feature into a more comprehensive solution we’re calling “Offers.” These are just like the types of ads you see in Facebook or Twitter as you browse your feed, only now you’re in control.

These posts will appear on the activity stream and in your sponsor’s profile. We track who clicks on the ads and can share that data with your sponsors at your discretion.

We'll share more ideas as we work on many new exciting developments.

Have further questions about promoting sponsors in Attendify's Virtual Experience? Reach out to us at support@attendify.com or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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