Attendify Streaming is a 100% web-based, easy to manage solution that will provide your attendees with a consistent experience.

To set it up event organizers will need to follow these steps:

Configure Streaming source and settings

  1. Create a new Session in your event schedule by clicking a + button or open details of the existing session by clicking 3-dots icon next to it
  2. Scroll down to the Video Link Source field and select from the dropdown Attendify Streaming

3. Select the time intervals from the dropdown to configure the Video start and end time. You can match the broadcast time to the session start and end time. Or you can give it a little extra room to ensure the stream is active when attendees arrive.

4. Select if you'd like to record the sessions.

Please note that with the first release of Attendify streaming Recordings will not be provided right away, this functionality will be added with upcoming releases.

Assign access to your Speakers

Attendify Streaming supports up to 5 speakers per session sharing their audio, video and screen.

All you need to do is add the email address for your session’s speaker(s) and have them login to the virtual event experience.

  1. Start by clicking “Add Speaker” to create a new Speaker profile in the Speakers section of your event or click 3-dots icon next to the existing one
  2. Start typing the speaker email address to link it to their attendee profile in the app. If the attendee profile does not exist in the app yet you'll be able to add the new email and pre-create the attendee profile for your speaker.
  3. Save the changes

Please note that in the first version of Attendify Streaming sync of the profile details between Speaker and attendee profiles is not supported. The email address serves as an identifier to provide the Speaker with presenter rights in the event.

The identifier email will not be displayed in Speaker profile details and won't be visible to the users of the app.

That's it! The speakers would just need to log into the event with their email to be able to present.

Detailed Attendify streaming speaker guide can be found here.

Have further questions about Attendify Streaming set up process? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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