Session Chats is a place where attendees can post messages and photos, start discussions or address questions to the speaker. Chats are like Activity Streams, only they’re unique to every session on your schedule.

The Chats feature comes standard with all Attendify app packages and is available once your event is live and published. Access to the feature’s backend settings is available after you build and submit your event to go live.

Session Chats are enabled for all sessions by default once your event is published.

Manage Chats

To configure the Chats for the sessions please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Interactivity > Sessions section on your dashboard
  2. Select the session
  3. Click Manage button to configure the Chats for this particular session.

4. Visible selection allows you to choose if the session has the Chat. To disable it for the session simply uncheck the selection.

5. Active selection indicates if new messages can be posted in a Chat. If it's unselected users will no longer be able to post new messages.

6. Click Apply to save the changes.

Moderate content

Sometimes you may need to remove inappropriate or unwanted content posted by a user. While it's not possible to moderate what's being posted to the Chat beforehand, you can delete any comment after it's been posted.

To do that, navigate to Interactivity > Sessions > Select specific session to see:

  • All posts within this Chat
  • Most popular posts (the posts that were commented on and liked the most)
  • Reported content (posts that were reported as inappropriate by the attendees)

Click on the 3-dots icon next to the post you'd like to delete and select "Delete this Post":

Have further questions about Attendify's Session Chats feature? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page

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