Sponsors are a very important part of the event experience, so it's crucial that they have a high level of success at your event. In many cases, your event's sponsors are spending quite a bit of money with you to get their brand or messaging across to your attendees. Your mobile event app can be one of the most effective ways to solidify those relationships and provide them with tangible and measurable ROI.

There are many ways to promote your Sponsors within the app, let's take a look at some of the options so you can determine what would be appropriate to offer.

  • Sponsored Posts are far and away the most effective feature you can use to market your sponsors to your attendees. They provide a visually engaging message and offer detailed reporting that you can provide directly to the sponsor - justifying their spend and providing that all-important lead data.

  • Add sponsor logos to the splash screen (For apps published in the Attendify app this is not an option.)
  • Enable MeetNow, our face-to-face interaction tool that connects attendees and sponsors via 1:1 video calls delivered through our native streaming. The feature is fully supported on mobile so your attendees can connect with sponsor reps using their mobile devices. MeetNow requires an active Streaming package to function. You can learn more about the feature in this article.
  • Add a sponsor logo to your app's banner image, located above the Activity Stream
  • Consider offering your sponsors the ability top be a "daily sponsor" (day 1 of the event, day 2, etc.) and update the banner each night. This will allow you to provide more options for sponsorship and give their logo prime placement in your app.
  • Sort sponsors by their sponsorship levels (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc.) using the Sponsors feature.
  • Offer your main sponsor their own separate Sponsor feature, as opposed to being in the list with all other sponsors.
  • Flesh out that sponsor listing in the app by adding an image in the description section of their in-app profile. This can help to promote a product, service, or whatever they want to showcase.
  • Include document attachments in sponsors profiles (brochures, promotional materials, etc.)

Acknowledge your sponsors using Push Notifications

  • Push Notifications are a good tool to provide exposure to a Sponsor, but should be used sparingly as to not over-do it. By nature, these messages are function to announce things to your attendees, but if used as a sales tool message fatigue can set in and important messages could be overlooked by your users. It's a good practice to put yourself in the attendee's shoes and ask yourself "is this too much?"
  • Use the Photo Album and/or Video Album feature(s) to highlight products or services that a high-profile sponsor would like to showcase. You can also upload photos or video links directly to the sponsor's description in the Sponsors section.
  • In the Attendify App or a branded Multi-Event App, you are able feature your main sponsors on the event card. This is the first page attendees see when joining an event.
  • List your sponsors, partners, or vendors on your organization's Page within the Attendify App: 

Have further questions about Attendify’s Sponsored Posts feature? Reach out to us at support@attendify.com or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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