Attendify allows you to pre-create attendee profiles before people log into the app, and here are the main benefits:

  • It saves time for your attendees and makes login a breeze (no need to fill out the data manually)
  • You can show a list of expected attendees before they download the app
  • You're able to restrict access to the app based on the e-mails you upload
  • With feature visibility, you can personalize the app ahead of time for attendees

You can use one of the available options to pre-create the profiles for your users:

  • Manual Entry - add attendees one by one.
  • Bulk Import - you can add the attendee list by uploading a CSV file.
  • Integrations - push the profiles into the app automatically if you're using one of the registration solutions we have direct integrations with.

For detailed instructions on uploading attendee list, feel free to check our dedicated articles for Multi- and One-Event apps.

You can also learn how to manage pre-created profiles visibility in your app here

If you have any questions about this or didn't find an answer, please contact our support team via chat on any Attendify webpage or send an email at

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