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Attendify allows you to set up integrations with a number of popular services to help you maximize your productivity in event management. You are currently able to connect Attendify with:

  • Eventbrite

  • Cvent

  • RegOnline

  • Google Forms (Google Sheets)

  • Aventri (formerly eTouches)

  • Salesforce

The first six integrations are used to help you automatically create attendee profiles in your Attendify event from registration data you've collected through one of the third-party services. 

The integration with Salesforce enables you to automatically transfer attendee profiles from Attendify to your Salesforce account and create new leads.

To enable an integration, follow these steps:
(Note: These first three steps are not required to connect your Attendify Registration to your event).

  • Log into the management dashboard and click on the "Settings" tab.

  • In the lower-left area of the screen click on the "Integrations" section and pick the service you want to connect.

  • Check the section "How it works" for instructions and click the button "Connect" to enable the integration.


  • Go to the Interactivity > Attendees section of your dashboard.

  • Click the button "+ Add"

  • Go to the Integrations tab and click the "Connect" button next to the integration you'd like to connect.

NOTE: If you have a multi-event app, you should enable integrations at the container level (not at the individual event level). Here are the details on how to connect an integration to a multi-event app.

Integration Specifics:

Attendify Registration/Eventbrite/RegOnline/Cvent/Google Forms/Aventri: 

  • After the integration has been enabled, your event retrieves new attendees that have registered through the connected service every 30 mins.

  • The Email address is used as a unique identifier of each account created in the event. If someone changes his/her email address through the linked service, the event will create another account under the new email address, while the old account will stay in the event as well.

  • If someone deletes their account, or cancels their order on the integrated service, the profile will remain in Attendify, unless manually removed.


  • Once the integration is activated, all attendee profiles created from that point on are automatically transferred to your Salesforce account - and added as leads.  Profiles that had existed in your event before the integration was activated aren't transferred.

  • Attendify transfers profiles regardless of their presence in Salesforce. This means if an attendee profile has an email address that already exists in your Salesforce database, a duplicate profile will be created.

  • If an attendee updates their profile information after their profile data was transferred, this update will not be reflected in Salesforce.

Google Forms (Google Sheets)

  • Select the Add button for Google Forms.

  • To add your Google form, click the 'view responses' button in your Google Forms interface

  • Then go to File > “Publish to the Web” 

  • Select 'Form Response 1' instead of Entire Document.

  • Select the comma-separated values (.csv) instead of Web

  • Copy the link then paste it in the Google Form integration field.

Have further questions about Attendify’s integrations? Reach out to us at support@attendify.com  or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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