Polls are an excellent feature to use at your event to boost attendee engagement, gather feedback, and facilitate those important speaker-attendee interactions, helping making your event to feel much more connected. You can post your Polls either on the Activity Stream (in mobile app only, Polls will not be reflected on Activity Stream in Web experience) or within a specific Session (both on mobile and in Web), and you can schedule them to appear at a specific time during your event or to go live immediately.

Adding a Poll to your Activity Stream is an easy way to get a pulse on how your general audience feels about a certain topic. To do this, hover over the "Social" tab and click "Polls", then the blue + "Poll" button. Note Polls cannot be added until after the event has been published.

From there, choose "Activity Stream" in the "Post to" section, choose when you want it to show, and build out your question and response options:

Offering your "Speakers" the ability to ask their audience a question is an effective way to keep the group engaged in the session - and with the app! To do this, simply follow the steps above but choose Session in the Post to pull-down menu then select the session(s) you want to add the Poll question to. Your attendees can access the Poll once it is live from the top area of the Session's listing in your app.

Each Poll has a live results page that is automatically generated. This page displays the votes in a web browser and updates in real-time. You can grab the URL of this page and display your Poll on a TV or projector. To get to this page click into the Poll on your dashboard then the "Display Results" button in the Results tab in the pop-up. 

*Note - If you have an Event Code enabled for your app you'll be prompted to enter it when clicking Display Results.

Check this short video tutorial to see how polls are managed and created:

Have further questions about Attendify’s Polls feature? Reach out to us at support@attendify.com  or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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