What is a Landing Page?

The Landing Page is a practical tool to promote your app and direct event attendees to download it before your event starts. The Landing Page contains links to your app on App Store and Google Play together with a couple of app screenshots and a list of your app’s main features. The Landing Page can be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google Plus and Pinterest in just a few clicks.

How do I get one for my app?

There’s a couple of ways to get the link to your Landing Page once your app is published:

  • You are automatically emailed the link to the Landing page once your app goes live.
  • You can go to the list of your apps on the Dashboard, click Settings > Promote button below the app's name. In the window that opens you can find a link to your app's Landing Page:

Additionally, you can download and print out the Promo Flyer with a QR code to further promote the app on-site. Promo Flyers and QR codes are only being generated for branded apps. 

If your event is published under the Attendify App, here's how its Landing page would look like:

If you have any questions about the Landing Page feel free to email us at support@attendify.com or chat with us on any Attendify web page. 

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