MeetNow is a face-to-face interaction tool that connects attendees and sponsors via 1:1 video calls delivered through our native streaming. This article provides a high-level overview of the feature and is broken down into several parts for easier navigation:

1. MeetNow Capabilities

2. Common Use Cases

3. Enabling MeetNow for Your Event

4. What's Next?

1. MeetNow Capabilities

MeetNow allows attendees to connect with sponsors and exhibitors through face-to-face video calls.

The video calls are delivered through Attendify Streaming, which makes face-to-face interactions 100% web-based on our Virtual Platform and completely native on Mobile Experience. The feature is included with any Attendify Streaming package.

The feature is available for attendees on Attendify Virtual and Mobile Experience. While sponsors or exhibitors will need to connect through Attendify Virtual Platform.

MeetNow offers a wide range of capabilities, specifically:

  • Audio, Video, and Screen-share: both an attendee and a sponsor can join with audio and video. Sponsors are also able to share their full screen or specific application window.
  • Control Panel: event planners can easily limit the maximum length of video calls.
  • Up to 25 Team Members per Sponsor: each Sponsor profile can have up to 25 team members available for one-to-one conversations.
  • Synced Private Messaging: private messaging is easily accessible that adds an extra channel for a caller and callee to sync before and after the call.
  • Easy set-up for event planners: Just add team members to the Sponsor profile and you are good to go.
  • Easy set-up for sponsors: Just set yourself as active and go.

The video below will show you an event planner, attendee, and speaker experience with MeetNow.

2. Common Use Cases

Here are some common use cases that you can use the MeetNow functionality for.

Use Case #1: Advanced Sponsor Promotion Option. MeetNow is an outstanding channel for your Sponsors to connect with their leads throughout the event.

Use Case #2: Virtual Booth with perfect UX. We have designed MeetNow with a goal to provide a feel of a physical event to your virtual attendees. MeetNow allows your virtual attendees to approach the sponsor the same way they would at an in-person event: stop by the Sponsor or Exhibitor booth and start a conversation with a representative as soon as they are available.

Use Case #3: Speed Interviews. If you are launching a career event and you want to provide your attendees with the ability to jump on multiple speed interviews, MeetNow is a great option for you. Just keep in mind that only attendees can initiate the calls.

3. Enabling MeetNow for Your Event

❗ Enabling the feature for your event requires you to purchase one of the Attendify Streaming plans.

To enable MeetNow, go to the Settings area on your Attendify Dashboard and:

  • Click MeetNow
  • Enable the feature
  • Pick one of the available meeting duration options

You're all set! Now, you can click into the Sponsor/Exhibitor profiles and start inviting team members who will be accepting calls during the event.

4. What's next?

We are constantly improving our platform and working on new features. You can keep track of our public roadmap here.

The next feature we have started to work on is Enhanced Sponsors and Exhibitor Profiles.

With the Enhanced Profiles, we are aiming to empower event organizers with abilities to create outstanding profiles for sponsors and exhibitors:

Disclaimer: The banner above shows the design stage of the feature, the final feature may change throughout the development cycle.

Have further questions about how the MeetNow feature works? Reach out to us at or chat with us on any Attendify web page.

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