If you download an archive with all the statistics for your event, you'll get a ZIP file folder with all photos posted to the activity stream and analytics report. Here is what you can find on the sheets of your report:

  • Each item has a unique ID generated by the system. You can just disregard those columns in your report.
  • The time each item was created and/or updated is also specified in the report (Created At & Updated At).

Activity Stream: Detailed info about each message posted on the Activity Stream.

  • Type: There are two types of the posts that can be left on the Activity Stream: photo and text posts (post).
  • Text: This is the message contained in a post. Some photo posts can contain no text.
  • Url: Is the direct link to download the picture from a photo post.
  • Likes & Comments: The number of likes and comments left on a post.
  • Author Name: The name of the attendee (profile) who made the post.
  • Reports: The number of time the post was reported as inappropriate.

Profiles: Detailed information for all the profiles created in the app

  • Name, Company, Position, Objective, Bio, Address, Phone, Website: Those are the details of the attendee's profile. The only required field for an attendee to fill in is the first name, so other columns can be empty.
  • Email1: This is the email the attendee used to create a profile.
  • Email2: This is attendees contact email that he specified in his profile details.
  • Interests: These are the interest tags that the attendee added to his profile.
  • Groups: Those are the groups you've added the profile to from your dashboard.
  • Status: There can be three statuses of a profile. If you didn't pre-create profiles in the app and attendees create ones on their own their status will be Registered. If you pre-uploaded a list of attendees the status of a profile can be Claimed if the attendee already registered in the app or Unclaimed if he didn't.
  • Checked-in?: Indicates if the user ever logged into the app. 1 if he has logged in, 0 if he hasn't.
  • Last checkin: The time the user joined the app/event.
  • Created At: The time the profile was created at.
  • Last Update: The time the profile details were updated at.
  • Posts, Photos, Likes, Comments, Poll votes: The number of Posts/Photos/Likes/Comments/Poll Votes left in the app.
  • Liked, Commented: The number of likes and comments received from other users.
  • Score: The number of points gained for social activity. Gamification.
  • Barcode: The unique number generated by the system that is used in the QR-codes for Attendify Leads.

Likes & Comments

  • Entry Type: The type of the post that was liked or commented.
  • Author Name: The name of the attendee (profile) who liked or commented the post (Entry).


  • Question: The question of the poll.
  • Options: All answer options for the poll separated by the comma.
  • Sessions: The name of the session the poll is posted to (if it's attached to a session).
  • Votes: Total number of votes left for the poll.
  • Option #1 - #25: Number of votes left for each option.
  • Public?: Indicates if the poll results are visible to attendees after counting their votes. 1 - visible, 0 - invisible.
  • Status: Shows the status of the poll: Open, Closed or Hidden.


  • Profile Name: Name of the attendee (profile) who left the vote
  • Poll Question: The question asked in the poll
  • Sessions: The title of the session the poll is attached to. n/a if it's posted to the activity stream
  • Option #, Option: Number and text of the option chosen

Chat: Shows usage of the direct messages

  • Profile Name: Name of the attendee who sent or received messages.
  • Read messages, Sent messages: Number of messages sent and received by the attendee.
  • Total: Total number of messages sent and received by the attendee.

Sessions - Detailed info on sessions in all schedule features

  • Feature Label:  Label of the schedule feature.
  • Title: Title of the session.
  • Start Time, End Time: Start and end time of the session.
  • Views: Number of times the session details were viewed. 
  • Bookmarks: Number of reminders set for the session.
  • Ratings: Number of times the session was rated.
  • Rate: Average rating of the session.

Bookmarks: Detailed info on the bookmarks for guide content. (sessions excluded)

  • Feature Type,  Feature Label: Type and label of the feature the bookmarked item is located in.
  • Profile Name: Name of the attendee who bookmarked the item.
  • Target Title: Title of the bookmarked item.

Reminders: Detailed info on the bookmarked sessions only.

  • Feature Label: Label of the schedule feature.
  • Profile Name: Name of the attendee who set a reminder.
  • Session Name : Title of the session the reminder was set for.
  • Reminder Settings: Time of the scheduled reminder. Can be empty if the attendee didn't set the time.

Ratings and Reviews

  • Feature Type,  Feature Label: Type and label of the feature the rated item is located in.
  • Profile Name: Name of the attendee who rated and/or reviewed the item. 
  • Target Title, Target Type: Type and title of the rated item.
  • Rate: Rating score left for the item
  • Feedback: Text of the review for the item.
  • Is Anonymous?:  Indicates if the item was rated anonymously. 1 - anonymously, 0 - open.

Access Logs: The log of all access attempt to the app.

  • At: The exact time of the attempt.
  • Platform: The OS the device is running. iOS or Android.
  • Email: The email associated with the attendee's profile.
  • Action: Type of the attempt.

All other sheets representing the analytics data for the guide features in the app contain pretty the same type of information. The most important info is Views, Bookmarks (available only for speakers/sponsors/exhibitors) and Ratings (available only for speakers/sponsors/exhibitors and can be disabled).

If you have any questions about this or didn't find an answer, please contact our support team via chat on any Attendify webpage or send an email at support@attendify.com

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