In the Attendify apps you can create profiles for your attendees. In this guide you can see what those different statuses are and what they mean. 

Unclaimed Profiles 

A profile with the Unclaimed tag means that the profiles have been created on the dashboard and that an attendee has not yet claimed them. A profile in this state can be accessed by the attendee with the associated email address once they sign in to the app.

Unverified Emails 

A profile with the Unverified Emails tag is specific to a branded app. This status can be shown for a profile in a branded app with the enabled Email verification access management feature.  In this case it means that the attendee has signed in with the required profile but has not verified their email address.

Revoked Profiles

A profile with the Revoked tag means that a user won't be able to use the email address associated with this profile to sign into the app. You can Revoke an Unclaimed profile by selecting the three dots in the action column and selecting the Revoke option. Revoked profiles can be Reinstated at any time by the same action.
The option to Revoke is available for Unclaimed profiles only. If the profile was already claimed by the attendee profile can be Deleted, without an option to reinstate it or to re-use the same email address to create a new profile in the app.

Claimed Profile

A profile that is claimed won't have any tags associated with them.  They will appear as they do in the above image. This means that the attendee has signed in to the app and are actively able to see the profile. 

Incomplete Registration

If a profile has this tag on it it means that the Attendee closed out of the profile creation process without adding at least a First Name to the profile. To resolve this all they need to do is attempt to sign into the profile again with the same email address and then fill out the necessary profile details on the profile creation page.

If you have any questions about this or didn't find an answer, please contact our support team via chat on any Attendify webpage or send an email at

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